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Preobrajenskaya, 40

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Hotel in Odessa / news


On the 1-st February, 2011 introduced tourist tax - a tax to the budget of Odessa

The size of the tourist fee is 1% of the amount charged VAT.

This fee is not included in the room.

Tourist tax payers are:

Ukrainian citizens, foreigners and stateless persons who arrive in the territory of a territorial unit on which a decision of agriculture, village and city council on the establishment of tourist taxAnd receive (consume) services for temporary stay (nights) with a commitment to leave the residence by the deadline.

 Not pay tourist tax individuals who:
a) permanent residents, including those under contracts of employment in the village, town or city councils who set such a fee;
b) Persons arriving on a business trip (with ID);
a) Persons with disabilities, children with disabilities and personsAccompanying persons with disabilities in group I or disabled children (not more than one attendant);
d) war veterans;
d) the liquidators of the Chernobyl accident;
e) Persons arriving on tour packages and in resorts.