Гостиница Центральная, Одесса

65045, Одесса,
ул.Преображенская, 40

+38 050 333 72 48
+38 048 705 77 27


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Family Deluxe

Hotel in Odessa / Family Deluxe

 Come to Odessa, we have a place to accommodate you!

If you chose Odessa from all the cities in the world, then we know what to offer you.

Where else can you feel the heart of Odessa and all its uniqueness, if not in one of the oldest hotels in the city called Central Hotel?

We have already prepared for you a room with special atmosphere in the style of Odessa communal apartment!

Just look at the photo – here’s on the wall the guitar of Sailor Kostya, and the samovar of Aunt Tsilya, the kerosene lamp and the gramophone of Uncle Yasha, and in the corridor all the "valuables" of the neighbors are collected. Come to the Central Hotel, you won’t regret!

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