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Hotel in Odessa / Rest in Odessa

Rest in Odessa

Odessa invites all year round

Terminal in OdesseKakih just do not have poetic names of Odessa! She and Caledonia, and the jewel by the sea and in the flowering acacias city. But the main thing - it's all true! Moreover, it is not all compliments Odessa deserves. Historic Odessa age is small, by that standard, it is very young. Although at the present location of Odessa was a Greek settlement, and the small town Khadjibey, a descendant of the fortress, next to which was founded on the highest command of Her Majesty Empress Catherine Odessa. From the moment she went forward by leaps and bounds. It soon developed into an important port center of southern Russia, which continues to be now, as one of the largest cities in the south of Ukraine.

Famous people of Odessa

From Odessa connected with the fate of many famous people in the history of both Russia and Ukraine. It gave the world the names of prominent personalities, talented figures in the various spheres of life. In a sense, they were parliamentarians Odessa. The interest in them is directly related to the interest in the town itself, and gradually became associated with the words "Odessa vacation." Who has ever come here at any time of the year, he will forever remain subdued Odessa, its sea, its beaches, its hotels, its sights and, of course, by the Odessa.

History of Odessa as a place of rest

Center of Odessa - a favorite place priezzhihOdessa became the cultural, scientific, and resort center of Ukraine. Rest in Odessa by the Sea is popular for a long time. Even in the last century Odessa coast chosen members of the nobility. In Odessa itself, because of its favorable location and large trading prospects began to massively build hotels and hotels for the business folk. And in the mansions of the nobility always had a lot of guests that their stories multiplied vostorzhennnymi glory of Odessa. After the revolution of the housing stock was nationalized and was redeveloped into hotels, rest houses, motels, children's camps and hostels, which rested and happy to continue to rest and today thousands of visitors to Odessa. Continuing the series of complementary, say that Odessa - a city of gardens. It is easy to breathe, thanks to the abundance of parks, boulevards. Most of the city is the private sector and green space, yet so stay in Odessa is good in any part of it. The streets are like a solid green tunnels, so you will not feel Odessa city suffocating smell of burning. And some 200 years ago there was a desert steppe, solitary trees served as a guide to travelers. And throughout the modern Odessa was not more than a hundred trees.