Гостиница Центральная, Одесса

65045, Odessa,
Preobrajenskaya, 40

+38 050 333 71 21
+38 0482 36 58 05
+38 050 333 74 97


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Hotel in Odessa / Home

“Tsentralnaya” – Hotel

Thank you for choosing our hotel and we will do our best to make your stay comfortable and cozy! Odessa Tsentralnaya Hotel is one of the oldest hotels in the city, built at the end of XIX century, it is a piece of architectural art and located right in the heart of cultural, historical and business centre of Odessa.

Keeping the best traditions of the past, today Tsentralnaya Hotel is pleased to offer to its guests the total of 61 cozy rooms of different class.

Tsentralnaya Hotel is the one we are always happy to see you at!


Welcome to Odessa!