Is Breakfast included in the room rate at the Tsentralnaya hotel?
Breakfast is included in the room rate
What time is Breakfast at the Tsentralnaya hotel served?
Breakfast is served from 7:30 to 10:30
What kind of Breakfast is offered at the Tsentralnaya hotel?
Is it possible to pay for a room reservation at the Tsentralnaya hotel online?
There are two payment options: 1.Using the authorization form, which is filled out by the guest and sent to the hotel with a copy of the passport and credit card. The hotel charges the payment from the card. When checking in, the cardholder must sign the slip receipt 2. The Hotel issues invoices for non-cash payment, sends it to the guest, and the guest pays in the bank or in personal online banking. Additional information: Reservation Department +38 048 750 50 50
Is there Parking at the Tsentralnaya hotel?
Parking is very small, so parking spaces are not reserved, but provided upon availability (price is 60 UAH/day)
What is check-in and check-out time at the hotel?
Check out before 12:00. Check-in in High season after 03:00 pm, in low season after 02:00 pm.
Is there Wi-Fi in the rooms at the Tsentralnaya hotel?
WiFi is available in the lobby area
How to book a transfer to the Tsentralnaya hotel?
You can book a transfer in advance (at least 1 day before arrival) by calling 38 048 7057727 or 38 0503337121
How often are the rooms cleaned at the hotel Tsentralnaya ?
Cleaning is provided daily.
How far is it to the beach from the Tsentralnaya hotel?
The nearest beach is Langeron. It is about 30 minutes walking
What security measures are applied at the Tsentralnaya hotel in connection with COVID-19?
The hotel maintains high standards of cleanliness, including measures such as: enhanced cleaning of all public areas every 2 hours, disinfection of rooms with quartz lamps, use of professional cleaning products with high antimicrobial activity And this is only a small part of the measures taken for the safety of our guests. Learn more.
How can I pay for my stay at the Tsentralnaya hotel?
You can pay using cash/credit card or Bank transfer
Does the hotel Tsentralnaya have a Luggage storage service?
Yes, this service is free for hotel guests
What is included in the set of bathroom amenities in the Tsentralnaya hotel?
Soap, shampoo and toilet paper
Is it possible to stay at the hotel with Pets?
Pets up to 20 kg can be accommodated in the hotel together with a Guest. Additional payment for accommodation of a pet in a room - 300 UAH per day. When checking into a Hotel with a pet, the Guest must read the "rules of accommodation for guests with pets" and sign the paper confirming their consent to comply with these rules. Pets are allowed if they have an international veterinary passport that contains information about their vaccinations, and the date of rabies vaccination must be at least 30 days and no more than 12 months before arrival.
How can I get from Odessa railway station to Tsentralnaya hotel?
You can get minibus 175, 145 from the railway station stop (from the McDonald's side) and minibus 242 (Grecheskaya bus stop).
How can I get from Odessa airport to Tsentralnaya hotel?
Minibus 117, or taxi (it costs about 150 UAH)
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положительный: Очень вежливый персонал. В масках! Красивое историческое здание. Есть тематические номера. Завтрак во внутреннем дворике на свежем воздухе....
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